Restaurant Mosaic at The Orient has also been heralded for having one of the finest and most comprehensive wine cellars in the world, having comprised of more than 80 000 bottles of wine under 5 500 different South African and international labels. Not surprisingly, it has been the recipient of numerous international awards and accolades and will continue to build on and expand this proud reputation at Restaurant Mosaic at Château des Tesnières.

Location: Château Des Tesnières
Type: Permanent


  • French Speaking / Available to Study French during the next three years.
  • Available to travel freely between SA and France
  • Looking to build a long-term career and reputation at Restaurant Mosaic, together with Chantel and the rest of the brigade, to achieve the maximum of their own and communal potential.


The Position as the South African sommelier of Restaurant Mosaic at Château des Tesnières is available with immediate effect, as our vision for this candidate is to be able to grow and develop along with us until the official opening of the restaurant in 2025 / 2026. In the time leading up to the opening of the restaurant we would like to assist the selected candidate to further their studies and affiliations with recognised and prestigious bodies in the field of wine and service.

Preferably the candidate has already commenced with their WSET courses or has already completed their WSET studies up to the Diploma level and want to further their studies. Restaurant Mosaic will provide a full bursary for the selected candidate to complete their studies to the highest level. The position will also entail that the selected candidate will be actively involved with us in the establishment and maintenance of the wine cellar at Château des Tesnières.

The candidate will travel between South Africa and Europe with us to personally be introduced to the numerous growers and producers that will be represented on our wine list, to start building longstanding relationships with producers and negotiants. The candidate will need to liaise with the producers and negociants with regards to orders and allocations and will need to attend selected wine tastings and events. The wines on allocation that are received, will need to be unpacked and stored in the cellar.

Extensive information and documentation received from various professional bodies and received from the producers need to be studied and added to our own personalised wine program with which the candidate will work daily.

Synapsis of larger responsibilities:

  • Participate in the stocking of the cellar
  • Assist in purchasing of wine
  • Negotiations and correspondence with negociants and wine estates / domaines / châteaux
  • Report directly and work closely with the Cellar Master and the Patron Chef
  • Conduct and facilitate wine pairings in liaison with the Chantel
  • Keeping information on the Cellar Program up to date
  • Meeting, visit and liaise with negociants and wine estates / domaines / châteaux
  • Advising and recommending to patrons according to their personal wine needs, i.e. taste, food and wine pairing, the occasion or the budget.
  • Selecting wines, creating beverage lists and managing stock.
  • Build and maintain the wine list according to the needs of the establishment.
  • Conducting wine and other beverage tastings.
  • A strong knowledge and sense of food and wine pairing and ability to create tasteful food and wine pairings.
  • Continually develop an extensive knowledge of different wines and where it is produced.
  • Develop an authoritative knowledge of local and international vineyards and wineries
  • Understanding of the winemaking process of the different wine regions.
  • Availability during opening hours, including weekends and holidays.
  • Flexibility to travel and to meet with wine producers and visit wine-tasting events.
  • The ability to determine wine faults and maintain proper temperatures in order to showcase products at their maximum potential.

Opportunities and Benefits:

The selected candidate will have the valuable opportunity to gain experience in working at a fine dining establishment like Restaurant Mosaic in France and to visit some of the most acclaimed wine producers in Europe and South Africa.

  • Permanent / full-time, long-term career opportunity for a suitable candidate who not only want to build a career but also develop, together with the chef a restaurant of international repute.
  • Restaurant Mosaic will be open in France for 8 months of the year (mid-March to mid-November), the candidate will live and work in France during those 8 months and the other 4 months of the year will be allocated to holiday time and travel to South Africa (Christmas and New Year at home) / through Europe for visiting the wine estates / domaines / châteaux to meet with wine makers, taste new vintages and confirm allocations.
  • All staff accommodation will be provided in France – Restaurant Mosaic will be responsible for the accommodation of the candidate in France during the annual 8 months of service.
  • Build a professional career to the highest standards in the industry – our vision is that our Sommelier will reach the same international acclaim as our Chef, Restaurant and Cellar.
  • Full support and all cost paid to obtain academic qualifications, membership fees to national and international bodies, etc.
  • All cost to be paid for the attendance and completion of exams.
  • All work-related travel expenses will be covered, including airline and train tickets.
  • Full board and lodging during wine estate visits will be covered.
  • All costs and assistance provided for Visa applications, work permits and eventual residence cards.
  • Salary paid in Euro’s while in France and in South African Rand while in South Africa.
  • Medical Aid to be provided
  • Pension Fund to be provided
  • Annual visits to European wine regions, re. Champagne, Burgundy, Bordeaux, Rhone, Alsace while in
    France, and similar when in South Africa.
  • Subscriptions to wine magazines as well as electronic subscriptions will be covered.
  • To name but a few.

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