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Château des Tesnières

A unique icon of French history which is nestled into the beautiful countryside of Torcé, we are 10 minutes from Vitré.
A refuge of relaxation and rich beauty which has been the home and delight for generations before.

Château des Tesnières was built in the 1860’s by count Ferdinand de Langle and his brother Alphonse. Ever since 1697 their family was the owner of the Tesnières area with its old manor house. The estate was vast with many farm houses, a coach house, stables, a gate house and a forest. After the construction of the château, the manor house was demolished and its remains were used to build the outbuildings.

It is time now for Château des Tesnières to build its next chapter with Chef Chantel Dartnall and her family.

Over the last 150 years, Château des Tesnières has built a rich history for itself, as home and haven for a number of different families and guests.

Now, as of 2021, Chef Chantel Dartnall and her family have taken over the reins of this exquisite property.

Their vision is to preserve and extend the legacy of this historic site, as they undertake an exciting 5-year renovation project. Their hope is to create a truly unique environment for future guests to escape and enjoy a luxurious and awe-inspiring time. The Château will also become the new home of Restaurant Mosaic; a dream which Chef Chantel is so looking forward to realising when the renovation project is complete.

We commenced with the exhilarating chapter of renovation and interior decoration of the top floor of Château Des Tesnières together with our professional team – architect, Marine Fervel and interior designer, Martine Di Matteo. Our days have been filled with creativity, in combining exotic fabrics, exceptional pieces of furniture, hand painted wallpapers and selecting unique elements for each suite within the Château as we weave a rich tapestry of stories together in creating the individual characters of our opulent suite.
We look forward to sharing these stories in the months to come as each one of our suites will be revealed.