The History of Château des Tesnières

From 1860 until the present day, Château des Tesnières has lived a fairytale spanning more than 150 years.
In order to most appreciate this dream-like chateau in the countryside of Brittany, it is important to understand the rich history of this majestic property.

Tucked away in one of the most beautiful regions in the world, Château des Tesnières is situated on the border of Brittany, the Loire Valley and Normandy. The word tesnières refers to a place where there are badger burrows. Lords of this name are mentioned as early as 1196 in Torcé. Until 1609 two residences coexisted, Haute Tesnière and Basse Tesnière, which were then united by the Malherbe family. Previously, in 1513, Basse Tesnière, a house ennobled around 1436 by Duke Jean V, belonged to the Godarts and Haute Tesnière to Le Ludre. Subsequently, the Tesnières passed to the Guillaudeus (owners in 1637) and then to the de Langles (circa 1697)

Château des Tesnières front gates

A new chapter

“We are honoured to make this enchanting property, with its exquisite scenery, our new home and sanctuary. Since it is situated in the countryside it will become our haven of tranquility when we want to spend some quiet time away from the buzzing, beautiful Paris…The city of lights that never sleeps.”

– Chef Chantel Dartnall

Chateau des Tesnieres A New Chapter Portrait