A new chapter begins at Château des Tesnières

After a bitter-sweet farewell and celebrating an incredible 15-year season at Restaurant Mosaic at The Orient, Chef Chantel and her family had the opportunity to get some much-needed rest and rejuvenation after their last official service on 28 March 2021. They spent precious time visiting some of their most cherished places in South Africa, before undertaking the big move across to Europe. They were able to then visit and return to some of their favourite places in Italy and France, discovering new wonders, amazing people, and experiencing some exceptional restaurants along the way. It was a period in which they felt a renewed sense of excitement and energy for the journey ahead. It was also the start of their next chapter. 

They found themselves in the beautiful region of Brittany, France, where they discovered the perfect location to continue their beautiful journey, just a few minutes outside the historic village of Vitré – Château Des Tesnières.

“We are honoured to make this enchanting property, with its exquisite scenery, our new home and sanctuary. Since it is situated in the countryside it will become our haven of tranquility when we want to spend some quiet time away from the buzzing, beautiful Paris…The city of lights that never sleeps.”

The Château itself is an exquisite Neo-Renaissance 19th-century castle, constructed in 1860 by Count Ferdinand de Langle and his brother Alphonse. Set on 15 acres of wooded parkland, this idyllic place will soon again be a destination for guests and friends, near and far, from South Africa and the world, to enjoy its natural beauty with Chantel and her family.

Their vision for Château Des Tesnières is to preserve and extend the legacy of this historic site, as they undertake an exciting 5-year renovation project. Their hope is to create a truly unique environment for future guests to escape and enjoy a luxurious and awe-inspiring time. The Château will also become the new home of Restaurant Mosaic; a dream which Chef Chantel is so looking forward to realising when the renovation project is complete.

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