The Château Gardens

The delight of this establishment is not limited to the architecture of the Château but is on display throughout the gardens sprawling around it.

“We might think that we are nurturing our garden, but of course, it is our garden that is really nurturing us.”

This famed quote by Jenny Uglow captures the essence of our Gardens. We long to create and keep beautiful spaces of peace, inspiration and delight for all who visit and wander between the flora.

Over the months and years ahead, guided by Mari Dartnall, we will be working to establish and expand the gardens across our 15 acres of woodland.

Chateau des Tesnieres Garden Picnic
Chateau des Tesnieres Garden Chairs

Our vision for the gardens

Below are a few of the new nodes we will be developing over the coming seasons:
– Rhododendron Ramble
– Venerable Old Sage
– Triskele Labyrinth
– Azalea Alley
… and more.

Meet Mari Dartnall - the driving force behind the gardens

Mari has an exceptional talent for nurturing the natural environments she finds herself in. She was previously responsible for overseeing the lavish gardens within the Francolin Conservancy at The Orient Boutique Hotel, where she and her team cultivated and cared for an expansive collection of flora. She now undertakes a similar role at Château des Tesnières, where her sole focus will be the development and dutiful care of the various gardens across the 15-acre property.